Saturday, March 26, 2005

Larkin around

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Ted Kooser, when I heard him speak, lamented that he is always published now. Every single thing he sends anywhere is accepted for publication. He says he doesn’t want his ultimately bad poems published so he has had to stop sending poetry out. Since being Laureate, there is no review process anymore, as every publication wants something of his. Ha. Oh, his page of woe! I would offer my name to him to use, this, a friend’s suggestion.

Larkin, on the other hand, may not have wanted all of his poems published either. Should they be if he denounced them? From a student’s perspective I would think so. Watching the process is interesting and educating. But from a personal point of view, I can see why he wouldn’t want everything out there to be studied and examined. The duds, the tripe, illuminated. I know I don’t want everything I write examined and you don’t want to see it either.

I have another project now. A friend and I are writing … well, we are not sure how it will be, but we are working on it. A clash between reality and fantasy. That may be the best description for what this will eventually be. A painfully real fantasy with snark.

I sent out another poem yesterday. We shall see! My motto on all things I deliver into the virtual hands of strangers. Be gentle is all I ask. I hope that isn’t asking too much. I hope to collect rejection notices to paste on my wall as decoration and as a motivating force. I hear that is done by some. Hopefully my walls will not be papered with them. Again, we shall see. I wonder what Larkin and Kooser’s walls looked like. Hmm.

Thanks for reading.

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