Sunday, March 13, 2005

Iris is blooming

Rereading some of this blog, I have noticed that I have been repeatedly excusing my lack of writing. Well, that may be, but it is moving as time permits. Life happens. Poems keep sidetracking me and make me want to write them.

That said, I haven’t been writing as intensively as I did when this effort first started. But what I have seen developing, is the ability to get bits done, scenes done that are relevant but done in a matter of fact, arrival of the fittest, sort of way. These scenes arrive effortlessly (for now) and flow onto the page and fill it descriptively with what I have imagined. I still don’t know how the big looming hole will be filled, but I have no worries about it. I am not letting myself get worried about this at all. It will come when it does, I have no expectations for it, and this pattern seems to be working. No woe.

The scenes with Iris seem to be happening very naturally. Yesterday morning I did a chunk of her back story. At first, I felt I might have been giving short shrift to this character, her arrival the result of so much main character choice that I felt her story needed to be told too. That is coming along nicely. I didn’t want her only role to be subservient to the main character, his plot and my demands of her. No, that wasn’t enough for her. I read something today that described perfectly my concerns with her character. I am glad I found that.

I wrote several poems today, one better, maybe, and one silly. Have to keep balance in all things. The extremes with which these flourish really do maintain the flow. To deny one when the other is calling out, well, I don’t do denial well. The architecture is lovely there, but it is only a fa├žade, a frontage to real life. Plus, silly is fun.

Thanks for reading.

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